Nuwara Eliya

Jetwing St. Andrew’s


29th October 2015
Jetwing St. Andrew’s donated, used tableware, table linen, towels, bed sheets etc. to Sithsewana ‘Mentally handicapped Children’s Development Society’ in Thanamalwila.

17th September 2015
To celebrate the World Tourism Day; associates of the Jetwing St. Andrew’s conducted an awareness programs for local school children and participated in efforts to remove and eradicate the invasive species European Gorse (Ulex europaeus) plants, at the National Park, along with school children of the area and guests visiting the park.

11th September 2015
Jetwing St. Andrew’s participated in a tree planting programme at Victoria Park, organized by the Nuwara Eliya Municipal Council to celebrate Environmental day of the Local Government week.

20th July 2015
Jetwing St. Andrew’s made a donation in cash to the St. Xavier Church of Nuwara eliya, to complete painting work at its premises.

05th June 2015
A recognition ceremony was organized, by Jetwing St. Andrew’s for the students of Madduma Bandara Vidyalaya, who had actively participated in environment conservation activities.

02nd June 2015
Associates of Jetwing St. Andrew’s donated vegetable soup to patients at General hospital, Nuwara Eliya, in celebration of the Poson Poya day.

22nd May 2015
International Biological Diversity day was celebrated at Jetwing St. Andrew’s, with the participation of 40 students from MENCAFEP (Mentally Handicapped Children and Families Educational Project) in Nuwara Eliya.

02nd April 2015
A demonstration program of the hotels operation was conducted by associates of Jetwing St. Andrew’s for students and teachers of the Vocational Centre in Nuwara Eliya.

28th March 2015
Jetwing St. Andrew’s participated in Earth Hour by switching off their lights from 8.30-9.30pm in a global initiative to raise awareness on tackling climate change. A cultural show featuring fire dancers, was also organized for the guests, in celebration of the occasion.

20th March 2015
In commemoration of World Forest Day, a lecture was conducted by the resident naturalist of Jetwing St. Andrew’s, for 90 students of with Good Sheppard Convent. A tree planting program was also organized within the school’s premises.

13th February 2015
Jetwing St. Andrew’s donated snack packets to the children of Madduma Bandara Vidyalaya for their Annual Sports Meet.

06th February 2015
A lecture on wetland diversity was conducted by the resident naturalist, for 40 students of with Madduma Bandara School at Jetwing St. Andrew’s model wetland area. Informative boards were also installed in the area, for identifying birds and frogs found in the hotel’s wetland.


31st December 2014
Christmas gifts donated, were handed over to the Painter Children’s Home in Nuwara Eliya, by associates of Jetwing St. Andrew’s.

05th November 2014
Jetwing St. Andrew’s together with the Nuwara Eliya Municipal Council, organized an awareness programme for the community and those involved with the tourism industry in Nuwara Eliya, on best practices of responsible tourism.

October 2014
Jetwing St. Andrew’s donated blankets and bed sheets to people distressed from the Koslanda landslide.

26th September 2014
In commemoration of World Tourism Day, associates of Jetwing St. Andrew’s, conducted an awareness programme for Home Science students from Madduma Bandara School and Gamini Vidyalaya in Nuwara Eliya.

14th August 2014
Jetwing St. Andrew’s donated bottled water to vulnerable families in the drought stricken areas of Monaragala and Polonnaruwa.

25th July 2014
The badge awarding ceremony of the Parisara Niyamubata students in Nuwara Eliya, was sponsored by Jetwing St. Andrew’s.

18th June 2014
Two water tanks for storing drinking water was gifted by Jetwing St. Andrew’s to its foster school – Madduma Bandara Vidyalaya; to help the school’s children have access to clean drinking water.

05th June 2014
Jetwing St. Andrew’s along with the Parisara Niyamubata society, organized a tree planting programme and lecture on ‘Small Islands and Climate Change’ at Madduma Bandara school and Gamini Vidyalaya, in lieu of World Environment Day.

29th March 2014
Jetwing St. Andrew’s participated in Earth Hour by switching off their lights from 8.30-9.30pm in a global initiative to raise awareness on tackling climate change.

A special programme to encourage hotel associates to purchase energy saving LED lighting for their personal use at a discounted rate and a tree planting program with the participation of students from Madduma Bandara Vidyalaya were also organized by Jetwing St. Andrew’s in commemoration of Earth Hour.

14th March 2014
Jetwing St. Andrew’s with the support of Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka celebrated World Sparrows day, where a lecture on Sparrow conservation was conducted for 50 students of Madduma Bandara School. In addition, students, hotel associates along the neighbouring community participated in hanging nest boxes to attract sparrows.

06th February 2014
World Wetlands day program was conducted for 30 students of with Madduma Bandara School at the Hotel’s model wetland area.



27th October 2013
A lecture on the biodiversity of Nuwara Eliya was conducted by Jetwing St. Andrew’s for school children at the Nuwara Eliya Municipal Council auditorium. Eighty students from Holy Family Convent, Gamini Vidyalaya, Girls High School and Madduma Bandara Vidyalaya participated for this event.

27th September 2013
A lecture regarding ‘World Tourism Day 2013’ was conducted by Jetwing St. Andrew’s for 100 students from Madduma Bandara Vidyalaya, Nuwara Eliya.

07th June 2013
In commemoration of World Environment Day, Jetwing St. Andrew’s organized a tree planting programme and lecture series at Piyathissa Vidyalaya, Nuwara Eliya. The lectures were conducted by Ishanda Senevirathna (Resident Naturalist) for 40 students on the topics of wild life conservation and climate change.

Jetwing St. Andrew’s also sponsored for ‘Environmental Conservation’ message boards to be placed near Lake Gregory to create awareness among visitors to the area.

22nd March 2013
Jetwing St. Andrew’s together with the ‘Parisara Niyamubata’ societies in Nuwara Eliya organized a tree planting programme and a lecture series at Kande-ella Nature Reserve, Ambewela. The lectures were conducted by Ishanda Senevirathna (Resident Naturalist) for 60 students on the topics of climate change, green practices and wild life conservation.

31st January 2013
Jetwing Earth Week A workshop about wetland biodiversity conservation was conducted for 20 students from the Paynters Memorial School in Nuwara Eliya in the wetland reserve at Jetwing St. Andrews.


29th January 2013
Jetwing Earth Week Resident Naturalist at Jetwing St. Andrew’s  organized a tree planting  programme  and a lecture series on climate change and conservation of Sri Lanka’s wildlife for 60 students at the at  Madduma Bandara Vidyalaya , Nuwara Eliya.



12th December 2012
A Christmas Wish Tree was placed in the front entrance area at Jetwing St. Andrews, decorated with cards sent by children from Paynters Memorial School. These cards were sold to hotel guests at USD $10 per card and all proceeds from the sales were donated towards maintenance of the school.


24th November 2012
Jetwing St. Andrews conducted a tree planting programme at Madumma Bandara Vidalayaya with the students to commemorate World Children’s Day with the participation of 20 hotel staff.


19th October 2012
Jetwing St. Andrews was involved in a tree planting program conducted by Nuwara Eliya Municipal council and sponsored the lunch arrangements for the event. 50 persons representing Jetwing St. Andrews, Grand Hotel and the Sri Lanka Army participated.


7th October 2012
Jetwing St. Andrews sponsored the prize giving at Madduma Bandara Sunday School in Nuwara Eliya. 50 students participated.


27th September 2012
To celebrate World Tourism Day, Jetwing St. Andrews conducted a workshop on “Tourism and sustainable energy” with the support of, Switch Asia Greening Hotels team targeting all hotels and home stay units in Nuwara Eliya. Presentations on the history of Nuwara Eliya tourism by Mr . Shelton Hettiarachchi (Reporter – Nuwara Eliya ) Wildlife and nature-based tourism by
Mr. Ishanda Senevirathna (Resident Naturalist Jetwing St . Andrews), Sustainable Energy by Mr .Saman J. Elvitigala (SWICH ASIA ) and
Energy Conservation by Mr . Dasanayake (Engineer – Jetwing St . Andrew’s )

30 participants from Hill Club Hotel; Binota Residency; Sunhill Hotel; The Rock Hotel; Hotel Alpine; Glendower Hotel; Ceylon Bank Rest; Grand Hotel; Windsor Hotel; Tea Bush Hotel; Galway Forest Lodge; Boat House Hotel; Home stay units attended the programme.


25th August 2012
Jetwing St. Andrews sponsored an Environmental workshop conducted by Nuwara Eliya municipal council on “ Responsibility of youth in climate change mitigation and adaptation and mechanism in Sri lanka ”. 50 students representing Gamini College, Good Shepherd Convent, Paynters Memorial School, Madduma Bandara College, Nuwara Eliya Girls Highs School and 10 members of the Tropical Climate Change Research and Education Center participated in the event.


16th July 2012
Donated the hotel multimedia projector and screen to Gamini National College for A/L Seminar where 200 students participated.


2004 – 2011

8th June 2011
World Environmental Day 2011 - Jetwing St.Andrews organized a lecture series and environmental exhibition with the support of Nuwara Eliya Municipal Council and the  Zoological garden ,Dehiwala. It was held at the Nuwara Eliya Town hall  with the participation of about 700 school students .


4th June 2010
World Environmental Day 2010 – Jetwing St.Andrews organized an Inter-school Debate Competition based on environmental topics from 02nd & 03rd June and final was held at the hotel premises.



2004 – 2011
Jetwing St. Andrews (Formerly known as the St. Andrews Hotel) conducted the following CSR activities between 2004 – 2011

  • Awareness programmes were conducted for O/L’ & A/L s’ students the topics discussed were about Bio diversity in Nuwara Eliya and also their school syllabus. St. Xaviers College, Gamini Central College and Paynters Memorial School participated.


  • Jetwing St. Andrews naturalist briefed A/L students of the Good Sheppard Convent on the history of Nuwara Eliya and the historical hotels found in the area for their their school projects.
  • Food demonstrations – were conducted for A/L students of Paynters Memorial School by the Executive Chef at Jetwing St. Andrews.


  • Housekeeping demonstration – were conducted for O/L students (Home science) of Paynters Memorial School.
  • Shramadana campaigns were done by the hotel staff at the base hospital in Nuwara Eliya.


  • Biodiversity awareness programmes were done by the Naturalist for villagers who are lives around the Piduruthalagala reserve.
  • Timber and roof sheets were donated for the poor associates who live around Pithuruthalgala.


  • Special Events were organised for the Associates children on New Year Celebrations.
  • Food, clothes and etc were donated to Hawa Eliya temple on their special ceremonies.


  • Fresh vegetables and herbs were donated to St. Xavier’s church.
  • Tea parties were organized for the disable army soldiers in Nuwara Eliya.


  • A training session was conducted by Dr. Sarath Wijesooriya on “Happy Family Life” for the associates and invitees of Nuwara Eliya.
  • A programme was conducted by the resident naturalist on biodiversity conservation to students at the Paynters Memorial School in Nuwara Eliya


  • Identification of flora and fauna was conducted for students of St. Xavier’s college with the assistance of the Jetwing St. Andrews resident naturalist.